January 2019 Goals


I slipped up and didn’t write December 2018 goals, but I have some shiny new goals for the first month of 2019!

November Goals Recap:


  • Resubmitted my paper to MEPS! The latest version can be found on bioRXiv here. This was primarily done in December and it was my only goal before the quarter ended.


Gigas Broodstock:

  • Did not solidify which kit to use for sample preparation (yet)


  • Ran my second committee meeting! The committee is on board with me bypassing Winter 2019
  • Outlined my PhD proposal
  • Looked up bypass application requirements

January Goals


  • Find intersections betwen output from methylKit unite and genome feature files
  • Proportion test for DML/DMR location against unite output
  • See if SNP data or mapping efficiency contributes to poor PCA clustering
  • Identify some form of gene enrichment or functional description
  • Update methods and results

Gigas Broodstock:

  • Identify which kit to use for DNA sequencing preparation
  • Send samples for sequencing
  • Determine if RNA can be isolated


  • Finish draft Ph.D proposal
  • Update CV
  • Write bypass statement
  • Send bypass application to committee for approval
  • Submit bypass application


  • Apply for Husky100
  • Work on NSF GROW application
  • Look into FHL TA application
Written on January 3, 2019