Aggregating Metaanalysis Data

I became well-aquainted NCBI SRA database today

It’s not the most user-friendly database, but it’s still pretty great! Based off of Sean and Grace’s previous searches and some of my own searches, I found C. gigas methylation data. You can read up on my methods here.

I recorded the following metadata for each run I found:

  • Project code
  • SRA study code
  • Experiment code
  • Experimental Design
  • Sample type
  • Library information (Name, Platform, Strategy, Source, Selection, Layout)
  • Run code
  • Run information (Spots, Bases, Size, GC Content)
  • Submitted by
  • Date published

All of the metadata is in this spreadsheet. Tomorrow, I’ll download the data (apparently it’s not a straightforward process).

Written on April 18, 2017