April 2020 Goals

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Now that I can’t get into the lab, I’m transitioning over to writing and analysis work! Here’s what I think I can accomplish this month on top of surviving a pandemic.

March Goals Recap:


  • Took the exam!


April Goals

Virginica Gonad Methylation:

  • Review proofs from Frontiers and communicate with publishing office when necessary
  • Submit press release request
  • Destrand data for Katie

Gigas and Virginica Labwork:

  • Identify clear questions to address with labwork that add something new to what we know about ocean acidification and epigenetics in oysters
  • Figure out what samples I have and want to extract DNA and RNA from
  • Determine benchwork methods and costs
  • Determine sequencing methods and costs
  • Write up methods in a manuscript format

Coral Methylation Comparison:

  • Finalize genome feature tracks for both species, including repeats, promoter, UTR, and intergenic regions
  • Rerun CpG characterization pipeline with full samples and genome feature tracks
  • Figure out methylation island analysis
  • Work on whatever other weekly goals we come up with


  • Help out with FISH 441/541 class
  • Look into comparative epigenomics with invertebrate data the lab has
  • Update Ph.D proposal with proposed labwork
  • Figure out the next steps for SAFS milestones
  • Update CV, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and ORCID profiles
  • Go through my “papers to read” folder, figure out if I should actually read any, then read some
Written on April 1, 2020