April 2024 Goals


We’re continuing the trend of getting things done and off of my plate! There are a handful of projects that are in final analysis/writing stage that I’m hoping to get wrapped up before experiments start this summer.

March Goals recap

Virginica Methylation and Expression:

West Coast Green Crab Experiment:

  • Finished extractions and PCR for most crabs with an associated sample and sent them for sequencing!
  • Taught Vanessa how to use Sequencher to analyze genotype data

Green Crab Pilot Experiment:

  • Read some more green crab thermal physiology literature and percolated on my metabolomics analysis

Coral Transcriptomics:

  • Finalized abstract


  • Supervised Sophia’s data extraction
  • Sent papers to the appropriate groups
  • Submitted GSA Starter Microculture grant for RIE2

April Goals

Green crab Pilot Experiment

  • Revise metabolomics analysis
  • Revise lipidomics analysis
  • Update all methods and results

West Coast Green Crab Experiment:

  • Finish all extractions, PCR, and gels
  • Send remaining samples for sequencing

Killifish Methylation and Expression:

  • Update methods
  • Update results
  • Update figures
  • Make list of additional analyses needed
  • Outline discussion points

Coral Transcriptomics:

  • Write discussion


  • Plan summer experiment
  • Plan RIE2 hackathon
  • Advertise RIE2 database
  • Book flights for SEB

Deep Freeze

Things that are not immediate enough to be on the backburner, so they’re stuck in the deep freeze.

Hawaii Gigas Methylation:

I’ll return to this when I have a good draft of the coral paper.

  • Finish methylKit contingency tests
  • Conduct a randomization test for DML identification
  • Integrate other epigenetic datasets
  • Update methods and results
  • Revise discussion

Zebrafish DNMT:

I’ll think about this once I have a robust killifish paper draft.

  • Identify a stress condition to use for the zebrafish based on disease factors or conditions that are known to induce changes in methylation
  • Determine physiological endpoints to assess for embryos
  • Construct a project timeline
Written on April 1, 2024