August 2019 Goals


Turns out TAing a Friday Harbor is a really busy time committment! I didn’t have any time to do my own work until I got back from the island, and I haven’t accomplished any of my June goals (didn’t set July ones), so I’m just going to launch into setting new August goals.

August Goals

Virginica Gonad Methylation:

  • Finish gene enrichment for DML
  • Conduct gene-level analysis
  • Update methods
  • Update results
  • Write discussion
  • Write introduction
  • Update paper repository
  • Send paper to collaborators
  • Submit for the Epigenetics Special Issue


  • Register for PCSGA
  • Register for WSN
  • Register for either Aquaculture America or ASLO
  • Get a GSR
  • Meet with Steven to discuss timelines for upcoming chapters and qualfying exams
Written on August 1, 2019