August 2020 Goals


July Goals Recap:

Coral Methylation Comparison:

  • Updated the methods and results for the revised statistical analyses
  • Added to the introduction and discussion

Gigas and Virginica Labwork:

Side Projects:

August Goals

Coral Methylation Comparison:

  • Update manuscript as needed

Virginica Sperm Labwork:

  • Finish shearing and quality checking samples
  • Perform MBD enrichment
  • Prepare libraries and send for sequencing

Gigas Gonad Labwork:

  • Finish checking DNA quality
  • Conduct isopropanol precipitations for DNA
  • Send DNA for sequencing
  • Start RNA isolations


  • Finish Z. marina analyses and ocean acidification and reproduction review
  • Review Ecological Applications manuscript
  • Create a timeline for postdoc funding applications
Written on August 1, 2020