DMG Analysis Part 4

Characterizing GOslim terms

I was working through my discussion outline, but was unsure what to make of the lists of parent GOterms I matched to DMG and genes with DML. Steven suggested I look at GOslim terms instead.

I used this Jupyter notebook to get GOslim terms for transcripts. I created separate lists for biological processes and molecular functions. I returned to my DML gene enrichment and DMG gene enrichment to figure out which GOslim terms go with DML and DMG. To do that, I merged GOslim terms with GO-MWU output, then counted the frequency of each GOslim term present. Here are the resulting tables:

Biological processes:

Molecular function:

I’ll take the categories with the most transcripts and start there for a discussion.

Going forward

  1. Update methods and results
  2. Finalize figures
  3. Update paper repository
  4. Outline the discussion
  5. Write the discussion
  6. Write the introduction
  7. Revise my abstract
  8. Share the draft with collaborators and get feedback
  9. Post the paper on bioRXiv
  10. Prepare the manuscript for publication
Written on August 28, 2019