Environmental Data Meeting

Science doesn’t take a day off

Which is why we met today to discuss the shellfish outplanting experiment, what data Micah and Alex can give us, and what written products will come from this meeting. This information will augment my 2017 GSS Presentation so I can present a revised version at WSN. Here are some of the bullet points I jotted down:

  • My samples
    • Check which samples were removed after CV and technical replication filtering. Were they run on two different columns?
    • Identify 2 of the worst samples to have Emma rerun
    • Look at QC samples when injected
    • Should do power analysis with data
  • Environmental data from DNR
    • Possible differences between oysters
      • Tripoid, multiple generation hatchery oysters from Taylor Shellfish, not sure of origin of wild generation
      • Did find differing growth patterns by site and habitat
      • Different sites have different tide timings, sun exposure can be different
      • Food assimilation differences between sites, would see in Alex’s fatty acid data
        • Tissue mass is positively correlated to delC13, large scale food patterns can be driving differences
    • Data DNR will give us
      • pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, chlorophyll a (every 10 minutes over the month)
        • Recommended to look at a window of each day to deal with diurnal variation
        • Sensors on bottom of rebar frames, some evidence of sporadic burial and covering with debris
      • Average start size per exclosure, exact end size for each oyster
      • Latitude and longitude of each site
      • Tidal depth
      • Tissue mass, % C and N, fatty acid composition, shell strength, shell density from Alex by next week. Alex will give explanatory data for any differences between Puget Sound and Willapa Bay
  • Papers
    • Micah and DNR: Methods paper on pH sensors published by end of the year
    • Alex and Micah: Fatty acid and shell data
    • Me: Proteomics data with environmental data, any relevant information from Alex. Manuscript draft by end of the year, published early 2018
Written on November 10, 2017