Environmental Data from Micah

More data, more problems…?

Micah sent over the salinity data. He said there are instrumental issues, and that we need to clip out any data from “low tide/exposure.” He uses this website for tidal data. He also misspoke, and there were no chlorophyll sensors in the 2016 deployment.

Table 1. Latitude and longitude for deployments.

Site Habitat Current Latitude Current Longitude
CI E 47.3584391 -122.7964495
CI B 47.3579367 -122.7957627
FB B 48.481691 -122.58353
FB E 48.481342 -122.583529
PG B 47.842676 -122.583832
PG E 47.847983 -122.582919
SK E 47.3543321 -123.1566232
SK B 47.35523 -123.1572
WB B 46.4944789 -124.0261356
WB E 46.49508 -124.02652

He should have depth data for the following as well, but he didn’t have it at the moment. He said he will send more information over when he’s back in town on Wednesday.

Written on November 25, 2017