February 2017 Goals Update

February Goals Update

With one week left in February, I’ve decided it might be a good idea to do a goals update before the month closes out. This month I’ve been productive, but mainly by writing proposals and papers as opposed to data analysis. Here’s my progress, as long with my plan for the final week of February.

Manchester Project

  • Visit NOAA Manchester facility weekly to take discrete water samples and perform tank maintenance
    • We’ve started our Manchester experiment! Laura and I are both out there every Wednesday for water sampling and system maintenance. I’ll be going out every other Monday with Grace to do the same.
  • Start writing methods for potential paper?
    • Decided against this for now, since I’ve been focusing on the corresponding project proposal
  • Successfully wrote a proposal for the Hall Conservation Genetics Research Award about projects stemming from this main one

DNR Project

  • Analyze mass spectrometry data in PECAN and Skyline
  • Find significant differences between protein and peptide concentrations
  • Develop methods for targeted assay and plan timeline for second round of protein extractions
    • I’ll probably hold off on this until NSA is over

NSA Poster Presentation

  • First draft of poster for NSA presentation
    • This is dependent on my data analysis……which means it will happen late this week!

DNR Paper

  • Finish methods and results section, and outline discussion and introduction sections
    • Writing the methods is more time-consuming than I imagined. A draft for the mass spectrometry preparation method is up, and I’ll be tailoring the data analysis methods section late this week (do you see a pattern here…😉)

Metaanalysis Paper

  • Aggregate all data, write about data aggregation process, develop methods for metaanalysis, analyze data, outline introduction section
    • My priority shifted from the metaanalysis to the DNR paper. I have a rough outline of my data discovery, but I need to put it in narrative form.


  • Figure out who should be on my committee and draft plan of study
    • I have a rough plan of study! And some committee ideas.

So yes, making progress but not with my data analysis! My goal for the last week of February is to really make progress on that front. In the meantime, check out this conceptual framework diagram I made for one of my proposals:

conceptual framework

Written on February 21, 2017