February 2017 Goals

February Goals

Can’t believe it’s February already! Forgot to write my January goals, so I’ll just provide update on my December Goals instead.

December Goals Update

  • Successfully complete protein extractions for 10 DNR samples: Sample preparations are done! They even finished on the mass spectrometer.
  • Figure out when DNA extractions make sense: Still haven’t done this, but I’ll touch on it in my February goals
  • Apply for relevant fellowships: I’m working on the Hall Conservation Genetics Fellowship right now.

Since there’s so much going on this month, I’ve split my goals up into categories:

Manchester Project

  • Visit NOAA Manchester facility weekly to take discrete water samples and perform tank maintenance
  • Start writing methods for potential paper?

DNR Project

  • Analyze mass spectrometry data in PECAN and Skyline
  • Find significant differences between protein and peptide concentrations
  • Develop methods for targeted assay
  • Plan timeline for second round of protein extractions

NSA Poster Presentation

  • First draft of poster for NSA presentation

DNR Paper

  • Finish methods and results section
  • Outline discussion and introduction sections

Metaanalysis Paper

  • Aggregate all data
  • Write about data aggregation process
  • Develop methods for metaanalysis
  • Analyze data
  • Outline introduction section


  • Figure out who should be on my committee!
  • Draft plan of study
Written on February 1, 2017