First Committee Meeting

a.k.a. An excuse to make mini apple pie cheesecakes

I had my first committee meeting today (slides here)! I got some good feedback from Joth and Julian about my proteomics analyses, so I figured I’d jot that down here before I forgot it.

  • Pare down “site, habitat, and local environmental conditions” to something that makes more sense
  • Use GIS layers to show quantitatively that I have five different sites with broad spectrum of environmental conditions
  • Get data from DNR! This would mean pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and growth. Ask them if they have salinity data, and see if I can also get primary production data from them or something like NANOOS. This is important because Southern Hood Canal is going to be very different from Case Inlet.
  • See if I can pool my eelgrass and non-eelgrass samples together for increased power
  • Use individual as a random effect to control for different growth outcomes. The energy allowcation towards growth and maintenance would affect protein expression of environmental response targets

No idea how to proceed, but it seems like my first priority is definitely getting all of the data and solidifying my current analyses.

Written on October 31, 2017