Gigas Broodstock DNA Extraction

Today’s hilarious labwork fail

With the Thermomixer I borrowed from Genome Sciences, I was ready to test the PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit with one of my pre-treatment samples!

I first grabbed the histology block with 5 notches from the storage container. Note to self: wiggle the drawer as you pull it open! The histology blocks tend to get stuck.


Figure 1. Histology block with four tissues from pre-treatment sampling

Once I had the block, I needed to scrape no more than 20 mg, or 0.02 g of tissue out.


Figure 2. Weighed 0.02 g (20 mg) of tissue embedded in paraffin


Figure 3. Tissue samples in histology block after scraping out sample

I transferred the tissue from the weigh boat to a 2 mL tube. The next step was to add 1 mL of xylene to my sample. We usually use the Young lab’s xylene, so I went over to their fume hood. However, the only xylene bottle they had was actually a xylene waste bottle! I probably should have checked this myself instead of going from Sam’s word…whoops. Sam’s now ordering xylene, and I’ll have to put this process on hold once more.

Written on August 1, 2018