Gigas Larvae Day 10

Checked the 80 micron screen again

I had limited larvae holding on the 80! Not sure why they’re growing so slowly, but I think they should be bumped up a full screen size by the end of the weekend. After screening buckets 17, 2, 23, 18 and 21, I started dumping the tripours in which I counted no larvae on the 80 micron screen. I did this because I wanted to get rid of the algae that was holding on the 80 micron screen and replace it with fresh algae. As we were screening, tote alarms went off in Totes 2, 6 (twice) and 9 (twice).


Figure 1. Dead larvae holding on an 80 micron screen from Bucket 18.


Figure 2. Live larvae holding on an 80 micron screen from Bucket 15.


Figure 3. Current tote set-up, modified on Day 9.

Aside from the usual feeding, tote recording, counting and sampling, I moved the one of the AVETCHs (Gigas-Larvae-5) to Bucket 17 in Tote 9. I also noticed that NF10AMBA had been moved to Bucket 4, when it should have been in Bucket 6. This meant that there were two HOBOs in Bucket 4. I kept NF10AMBA in Bucket 4 and moved the extra HOBO to Bucket 6.

After screening, I drained and refilled the header tank and prepared a task list for Grace for Friday and Sunday. Since I’m going out of town, the next time I’ll see my larvae will be Monday!

Written on August 9, 2017