Gigas Larvae Day 5

Lots of maintenance today

Aside from daily feeding, I don’t have much urgent work on days I don’t screen and count. I used my off day to get my system fully set up and catch up on counting larvae from my first screening.

What I did today:

  • Recorded which tote each tank was in
  • Wireless monitoring
    • I have four AVTECHs available for my larvae: Temp 1, Temp 4, WISH 9 Ext 1 and WISH 9 Ext 2. Temp 3 is for my heating header tank
    • Changed names on OA Monitor Dashboard on GoToMyDevices and placed in totes
      • Temp 1 = Gigas-Larvae-1 = Tote 5
      • Temp 2 = Gigas-Larvae-2 = Tote 1
      • WISH 9 Ext 1 = Gigas-Larvae-3 = Tote 7
      • WISH 9 Ext 2 = Gigas-Larvae-4 = Tote 9
      • Temp 3 = Gigas-Larvae-Header
    • Labelled AVTECHs with tape so I knew which one was which
    • Set up alerts if temperature gets above 27ºC or below 22ºC
  • Decided against relabelling HOBOs because I didn’t want the Sharpie to leech into the water. This is something I need to think of an alternative for
  • Set high (27ºC) and low (24ºC) temperature alarms on immersion heaters
  • Flushed header and heated line
    • Turned off all heaters
    • Removed and cleaned Rick’s heater
    • Added a third heater to replace Rick’s
    • Drained header tank and flushed heated line
    • Refilled header tank
    • Heated water
  • Fed Joth’s scallops
  • Cleaned tripours for Saturday screening
  • Replaced PSRF’s blue screens with green screens
  • Counted Plate 2 and 3
    • While I was counting Bucket 10 (Plate 2, Wells C1-C3) I found there dark blobs that were bigger than the larvae. I sent images to Rhonda and she didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t zoom in and make the image clear enough to take a photo, but here are the blurry images I took. I found 30 in Well C1, 38 in C2 and 18 in C3.

blob1 blob2 blob3

Figures 1-3. Big blobs found in Bucket 10

  • Because of this weird contamination and the fact that I incorrectly counted Plate 1, I these data may end up being an outlier.
  • Fed larvae a mix of Chagra, C.iso and 609. Again, the algae was really dense!
    • I fed 15 and 16 extra 100 mL of 609 and 100 mL Chagra by accident

For tomorrow:

  • Feed Joth’s csallops
  • Screen and count on 60 micron screen
  • Feed larvae
  • Drain header tank
Written on August 4, 2017