Gonad Methylation Analysis Part 11

I am Jerry Gergich


Today I’m really riding the struggle bus! In this issue, I found out that I forgot an important argument in my bismark alignment. I did not indicate that I had paired read data. I now have to invoke my inner Jerry Gergich and redo the work. I specified the -1 and -2 “mates” files and reran the code.

For my subset, I will also re-extract the methylated data and remake my reports. All of the file names will stay the same, so they should still be easy to find. While I wait for the alignment to finish on the subset, I’ll start working with methylKit. Switching out the correct data will be simple!

P.S. Here’s some evidence I’m visibly on that struggle bus ft. Steven’s classic sass. Is the “Yep” referring to me figuring out the problem, or acknowledging that I’m not thinking clearly? I think it’s both:

screen shot 2018-05-08 at 10 51 34 am

Written on May 8, 2018