Gonad Methylation Analysis Part 3

Quality: controlled

Turns out there was a typo in the IP address I was using to connect to genefish. Whoops. Now that Iā€™m in the office, I was able to complete my FastQC analysis! You can see my process in this Jupyter notebook.

On the Mac mini, I located the files I needed from Owl and ran the command-line version of FastQC. The results can be found in this folder. There are two outputs: an .html file, and a .zip file. The .html files can be viewed by dragging the file from Finder into a web browser. To compare FastQC reports, I ran MultiQC. The interactive .html output can be found here. In general, I think my data has relatively good quality and I can proceed to Bismark.

Written on April 27, 2018