July 2023 Goals

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I keep thinking that after each chaotic week of this experiment, that the next week is the one that will bring a stable routine and a chance to do something that isn’t mess around with live animals all day. Not that live animals are bad, but I sure do miss my computer. I’ll (obviously) re-evaluate this statement in February when I’m tired of staring at a screen.

Spoiler alert: I’ll be nostalgic for experimental chaos!

June Goals recap

Green Crab Pilot Experiment:

  • Sent my samples for metabolomics and lipidomics sequencing!!
  • Started the respirometry data analysis! Not done yet, but my preliminary results show that there is a point to doing respirometry…and that’s pretty darn exciting.

West Coast Green Crab Experiment:

Summer Students:

  • Finalized summer projects for Lauren and Julia
  • Julia got a (much-needed) extension on her thesis proposal so Carolyn and I have more time to write her letter of support

Hawaii Gigas Methylation:

July Goals

Green Crab Pilot Experiment:

  • Seriously actually finish the respirometry analysis

West Coast Green Crab Experiment:

  • Just. keep. swimming.

Summer Students:

  • Write Julia’s letter of support for her proposal
  • Assist students with their independent projects and analysis
  • Introduce students to other people they can network with at WHOI
  • Help students write an abstract for a conference of their choice

Coral Transcriptomics:

  • Rework analysis with additional dataset
  • Re-try KOG analysis
  • Dig into gene lists
  • Start discussion

Hawaii Gigas Methylation:

  • Add Rajan’s edits as comments to the draft manuscript
  • Finish methylKit contingency tests
  • Conduct a randomization test for DML identification
  • Integrate with other epigenetic datasets
  • Update methods and results


  • Review paper for Evolutionary Applications
  • Review paper for Aquaculture
  • Start draft of Evolution Symposium
  • Revise CV
  • Revise research statement
  • Revise teaching statement

Deep Freeze

Things that are not immediate enough to be on the backburner, so they’re stuck in the deep freeze.

Virginica Methylation and Expression:

I’ll return to this when I have an updated discussion for the Hawaii paper.

  • Update methods and results from quadratic addition to transcriptional noise model
  • Compare transcriptional noise analysis with Liew and Aranda papers

Killifish Methylation and Expression:

I’ll return to this when I have a good draft of the coral paper.

  • Pathway analysis for RNA-Seq data
  • Determine protocol for SNP identification
  • Conduct in silico RRBS digestion
  • Characterize DEG that overlap between populations
  • Quantify gene expression variability
  • Visualize DEG data

Zebrafish DNMT:

I’ll think about this once I have a robust killifish paper draft.

  • Identify a stress condition to use for the zebrafish based on disease factors or conditions that are known to induce changes in methylation
  • Determine physiological endpoints to assess for embryos
  • Construct a project timeline
Written on July 1, 2023