Manchester Conditioning Update

It’s been a slow burn

As I expected, there were problems getting the heater to warm the water in the header tank fast enough to meet the desired temperature schedule I set. Laura mentioned that the temperature fluxuated during the day, so she was wary of increasing the temperature.

Table 1. Actual water temperatures read from AVTECH. Temperature listed was the peak temperature that day.

Day Date Temperature
6 6/16/17 17.06 ºC
7 6/17/17 17.31 ºC
8 6/18/17 18.56 ºC
9 6/19/17 18.50 ºC

The temperature is holding around 18.5 ºC, so I increased the temperature setting on the AVTECH two degrees. My goal is to get the temperature up to 20ºC. This will only set back my conditioning timeline two days!

Table 2. Desired temperatures for the remainder of conditioning.

Day Date Temperature
10 6/20/17 20 ºC
11 6/21/17 21 ºC
12 6/22/17 22 ºC
13 6/23/17 23 ºC
14-26 6/24/17-7/6/17 23 ºC

Another thing Laura saw was the return of the stringy stuff in my tanks. It’s definitely related to the Reed’s paste we’re feeding.


Figure 1. Stringy stuff in the heated water header thank on June 19, 2017. Olivia cleaned the tank out and there was no stringy stuff on June 20, 2017.

I’ll be back on Day 13 to check on things and Laura will continue to raise the set point and check the AVTECH.

Written on June 20, 2017