Manchester Conditioning Update 4

The pH is kind of stable?

On Saturday July 1, Steven went out to Manchester and increased the air flowing through the airstones to all of my tanks. He also placed half of the oyster bags in each tank on a tray to mitigate some of the density effects. With both of these changes, the pH in my oyster tanks seems to have stabilized around 7.7.



Figures 1-2. New oyster conditioning set-up.

When I got to the hatchery, I checked the heater setpoints. The temperature in the algae header was around 18ºC.



Figures 3-4. Heater setpoints upon arrival at Manchester.

I increased the setpoint on the left heater to 21ºC, and turned up the dial on the right heater as well.



Figures 5-6. New setpoints for oyster conditioning.

I added 750 mL of Reed’s paste to the algae header tank and filled it with freshwater up until the brim. I set the dosing rate to 60% to feed the oysters until they can be refed tomorrow. I also measured the flow rate of my tanks. They were both filling 230 mL in ten second, meaning there was a 1.380 L/min flow rate.

Before I left, I double checked the pH in the tanks. It was at 7.75, so the increased airation and mixing is helping!


Figure 7. pH and temperature from durafet when leaving Manchester.

Written on July 5, 2017