Manchester Day 19

Another smooth day at Manchester!

Worked with Grace and Olivia today at Manchester doing the following:

  • Water chemistry sampling: 1L grab samples and bottle samples
  • Let Olivia measure pH, salinity and temperature. She measured pH in pH units instead of mV at first, but we were able to convert the values and correct this for the following samples.
  • Showed Grace how I poison samples with mercuric chloride
  • Olivia grabbed ice packs from the -80º freezer. I walked both of them through the standard curve protocol again and let Grace take over measuring pH and temperature and cleaning the dry lab afterwards.
  • Worked with Olivia to clean filters and bleach algal lines
  • I noted down which tanks had the Durafets in them

After going through everything, we had some downtime. I quizzed Grace and Olivia on all protocols. They seemed to remember most of the details! Next week, I’m going to let them lead so I can see which steps they’re forgetting or not as clear on. Hopefully, this will prepare them for working on their own when Laura and I are at NSA.

Things I need to do by Monday:

  • Get a folder to keep at Manchester for data sheets.
  • Figure out who can help Olivia on March 27
  • Establish mercuric chloride protocol
  • Get PSRF to poison samples while Laura and I are at NSF
Written on March 6, 2017