Manchester Day 36

Checking in before we leave for NSA

Laura and I did the following today:

  • Water chemistry sampling: 1L grab samples and bottle samples
  • Because the salinity probe is still broken, we’re using Rick’s salinity probe to measure salinity in psu. I put the probe into the water and wait for the salinity value to be consistent between three different reads, then record the value and corresponding temperature.
  • Using the salinity probe, we’re measuring conductivity in terms of µS/cm. There’s a chance we can use these values to convert to psu. However, because the probe is broken, it’s likely that these values are skewed. Either way, we’re taking them just in case.
  • Drain and clean tanks with Vortexx
  • We started seeing some unknown stringy stuff in our tanks, so we thought it would be best to drain and clean oysters weekly. Laura took a picture of it, and Ryan agreed to show it to someone who may be able to identify what it is. Ryan’s never seen this in Olys before, so it’s likely C. gigas influencing this.
  • Rinsed oysters with freshwater
  • Found one dead Pacific oyster in Tank 3
  • Moved around tanks to a new conformation
  • Cleaned filters
  • Bleached algal lines

3 23 data2 Figure 1. New tank arrangement.

3 23 data1

3 23 data3 Figures 2-3. Data collected

Everything went smoothly, so we’ll all set for Grace and Olivia to take over next week!

Written on March 23, 2017