March 2017 Goals

March Maddness is upon us.

It’s the month of NSA! For this reason, my priorities will shift towards conference preparation. I’m also going to add in dates for myself so I space out my progress (does this mean I’m getting better at realistic goal-setting??).

NSA Preparation

  • PECAN Analysis
  • All of my computer issues are resolved, so I can prepare all of the inputs and run PECAN. I may have to modify my run, since it’s taking Laura 12 full days to finish running all of her samples and blanks.
  • Skyline Analysis
    • I hope I can start on some of this before I leave town on March 14.
  • Poster
  • Draft 1: Title, Introduction, Methods (Complete by March 10)
  • Draft 2: Preliminary Results (Complete by March 14)
  • Draft 3: Finalized Results, Discussion (Complete by March 23)
  • DNR Paper
  • Finalize Methods: March 8
  • Introduction: March 10
  • Preliminary Results: March 14
  • Finalized Results and Discussion: March 23
  • Figure out cost-splitting/reimbursement logistics for roommate

C. gigas Metaanalysis Paper

  • Tabled until after NSA (April)

Manchester Project

  • Create timeline for temperature stressors and spawning: March 23

DNR Project

  • Create timeline for target assays: March 31


  • In general, be better about updating my Lab Notebook in a timely fashion
  • Plan second Scientist in the Classroom visit: March 31
  • Ask people to join my committee: March 31
  • Write shellfish aquaculture permitting White Paper draft: March 31
Written on March 1, 2017