October 2017 Goals

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September Goals Recap:

  • I presented a preliminary analysis of my SRM data at PCSGA!
  • The DNR paper got split into two separate papers. I added SRM methods to the oyster paper but have not updated any SRM results. The associated repository can be found here.
  • Steven suggested not revising the proposal, so I didn’t
  • I sent an email to schedule my first committee for the end of October/beginning of November. To prepare for my meeting, I cleaned up the project-oyster-oa repo. The repository has very clear README files and project/file descriptions!

October Goals:

This month is all about the DNR project!

  • Figure out what happened with my technical replicates
  • Revise the oyster paper introduction and methods, start writing results and discussion
  • Submit a NSF GRFP proposal
  • Have my committee meeting and submit milestone paperwork
  • Prepare for WSN
  • Low priority: Metaanalysis and Manchester
    • I can start reviewing papers and writing an introduction. If there are any interesting questions I think we should tackle with the dataset, then I can consult with Steven and start analyses
    • Analyze histology images
Written on October 2, 2017