October 2020 Goals


September Goals Recap

Virginica Labwork:

  • Based on the coral paper, we decided to do WGBS for the adult samples, not MBD. So I paused that work until I could get samples from Katie and Alan to repeat extractions
  • Outlined the C. virginica heredity paper


  • Updated figures and text for the ocean acidification and reproduction review, so that’s almost done
  • Started on postdoc positon applications
  • Helped students with NSF GRFP applications

Honestly nothing really happened this month…burn out was real.

October Goals:

Virginica Labwork:

  • Determine a protocol for DNA extraction (and potential simultaneous RNA extraction)
  • Send DNA (and potential RNA) samples for sequencing

Gigas Gonad Labwork:

  • Order materials for RNA isolation, if needed
  • Test RNA extraction protocol
  • Extract RNA from histology samples sent for WGBS
  • Send RNA for sequencing

ATAC-Seq Labwork:

  • Identify supplies needed and order
  • Determine which samples should be used for testing

Coral Methylation Comparison:

  • Address suggestions and comments


  • Finalize ocean acidification and reproduction review for friendly reviewers
  • Create WGCNA and GO-MWU figures fro Z. marina analyses
  • Continue helping with NSF GRFP workshop
Written on October 1, 2020