Outreach with North Cascades Institute

The many paths to school

Today, I volunteered with SEAS to talk to high schoolers affiliated the North Cascades Institute. The high schoolers first met with the College of the Environment Undergraduate Ambassadors to discuss what applying to college is like, and what they can expect when they get to college. For many of them, it was the first time they even thought about themselves going to school!

When it was our turn, we did an activity that highlights the different paths people take to get to college. To prepare, we picked out events and information from our childhood, high school, undergraduate and graduate degrees. We also made red herrings! Then we put them on cardstock and had the students arrange them on pieces of paper to illustrate our paths to school. It was interesting to see what they thought was real, and what they thought was fake! Afterwards, they had time to fill out their own timelines. Overall, I think the students were able to see that there are many different ways to get to school (which was the entire point, so yay).

Written on February 10, 2018