PECAN Update 3

New day, same errors

Jupyter notebook found here

pecanpie ran for my one reconverted sample last night. When I checked the log files, I saw some sort of Percolator error this time. Not too sure what it is, so I’m having Sean look into it.

Either way, I tried opening the file in Skyline and ran into the same error I got yesterday.



Update March 8 8:50 a.m.

Using the code below, Sean was able to run one instance of pecanpie to try and figure out where the error was:

screenshot from 2017-03-08 08-35-03

screenshot from 2017-03-08 08-29-32

Alas, it’s the same problem I had before: no usable MS2 data.

Sean and I opened the mzML file to figure out where the error was, but so far nothing looks suspicious to our untrained eyes. Until we sort this error out, I can’t continue with my analysis.

Written on March 8, 2017