Protein Extractions Round 2

It’s time to extract more protein.

Based on the samples Alex used for lipid analysis, I’ve picked the following samples for my next round of extractions. I will extract 10 more samples from round 1, and 20 samples from round 2. This way, I can understand how site location, eelgrass condition, and outplant duration affected protein expression. These are just initial thoughts, and will likely change due to sample size considerations.

Here are the samples I’ve already analyzed:

Sample Site Bare Eelgrass
Case Inlet (CI) O15 O07
Fidalgo Bay (FB) O47 O37
Port Gamble Bay (PG) O55 O77
Skokomish River Delta (SK) O119 O107
Willapa Bay O127 O142

Here are the samples I will analyze for my next round of extractions from the first outplant:

Sample Site Bare Eelgrass
Case Inlet (CI) O11 O01
Fidalgo Bay (FB) O64 O70
Port Gamble Bay (PG) O25 O71
Skokomish River Delta (SK) O96 O91
Willapa Bay O135 O131

And samples for the second outplant. One thing I noticed was that there was only one eelgrass sample collected for Case Inlet:

Sample Site Bare Eelgrass
Case Inlet (CI) O218 O222
Case Inlet (CI) O217 N/A
Case Inlet (CI) O219 N/A
Fidalgo Bay (FB) O267 O209
Fidalgo Bay (FB) O257 O214
Port Gamble Bay (PG) O297 O280
Port Gamble Bay (PG) O281 O292
Skokomish River Delta (SK) O182 O184
Skokomish River Delta (SK) O197 O202
Willapa Bay O151 O165
Willapa Bay O161 O174
Written on May 6, 2017