Pubathon 14 Day Plan

I’m going to get stuff done for Pubathon (I promise)!

After being productive in other ways for the past few months, I’m finally going to get my act together and really make some progress on Pubathon. Here are my 14-day plans for my metaanalysis and DNR papers:

C. gigas metaanalysis: My main goal over the next two weeks is to start analyzing data and write preliminary methods and introduction sections.

  • Monday, April 17: Start finding data, collating it and constructing a reference table
  • Tuesday, April 18: Find and collate data, construct a reference table
  • Wednesday, April 19: Find and collate data, construct a reference table
  • Thursday, April 20: Write data collection narrative in Methods
  • Friday, April 21: Create plan for data analysis
  • Monday, April 24: Start analyzing data
  • Tuesday, April 25: Analyze data, draft analysis narrative in Methods
  • Wednesday, April 26: Analyze data, start writing Introduction
  • Thursday, April 27: Anaylze data
  • Friday, April 28: Analyze data
  • Monday, May 1: Analyze data, refine Introduction

DNR Project:

  • Monday, April 17: Demultiplex data, send pecanpie inputs to Emma
  • Tuesday, April 18: Edit data analysis narrative in Methods, refine DIA analysis wiki
  • Wednesday, April 19: Add in placeholders for preliminary results, bullet point structure of results section
  • Thursday, April 20: Bullet point structure for Introduction section
  • Monday, April 24: Start writing Introduction section
  • Tuesday, April 25: Redo Skyline analyses with new .blib file (hopefully)?
  • Wednesday, April 26: Refine Methods section
  • Thursday, April 27: Refine Introduction section
  • Monday, May 1: Start writing Results narrative
Written on April 17, 2017