Remaining Analyses Part 10

Following through on my plan

…kind of.

I started to look up tidal data so I can clip out any low tide and exposure values, as Micah suggested. However, I could not find any tidal information for the Skokomish River Delta site on that database. The website had me pick cities that were closest to the outplant sites. Here’s what I decided on.

Vaughn, Case Inlet

Port Gamble, Port Gamble Bay

Anacortes, Fidalgo Bay

Nahcotta, Willapa Bay

I’m also unclear as to what exposure we need to clip out. Are we taking out any data from all low tides, or just from complete instrument exposure? How do we know what the difference is? It seems like I need the depth data from Micah to proceed.

Right now I think it makes the most sense to just visualize the salinity data, without clipping out any funky values (it seems like Micah already did some of that anyways…?) and then see if it will be a candidate explanatory variable for my protein expression. I’ve also been rethinking my original idea for a regression analysis. I think the power of such an analysis would be compromised since I only have protein expression from the very end of the experiment, as opposed to multiple time points. Condensing such high resolution environmental data into one number (mean or median) to build a model off of seems unwise. I think I’m going to shoot an email off to Julian to see if he has any ideas on how to tackle this.

Written on November 29, 2017