Remaining Analyses Part 12

Some more regressions

I tried to write a for loop in this R script to make a table with each peptide vs. biomarker comparison, R-squared value, and slope……but I’m hardcore struggling with it. I wrote a for loop within a for loop to create all of the plots, but now I can’t write another for loop to take all of the information I’m generating and put it in a new dataframe. I’m going to keep trying though!

After looking at my peptide vs. biomarker regressions, Steven suggested I make the same plots for each site. I used the R script linked above to do that. The plots can be found in these folders:

Case Inlet

Fidalgo Bay

Port Gamble Bay

Skokomish River Delta

Willapa Bay

Once I figure out how to get my triple for loop to work, I’ll make a table for this information too. Now I guess I’ll wait for our meeting with Micah and Alex to see what to do next.

Written on November 30, 2017