Remaining Analyses Part 21

The curious case of the catalase(s)

You thought this series was over? April Fools, it’s not. I finally addressed one of Emma’s comments on my DNR paper that’s been sitting there since February. Emma wasn’t convinced that the two catalases I used as protein targets were actually separate proteins, so she suggested that I see if the protein sequences can be aligned. To do this, I opened up my Skyline file and looked at the protein sequences.


Figure 1. Protein sequence for CHOYP_CATA.1.3 m.11120


Figure 2. Protein sequence for CHOYP_CATA.3.3 m.21642

The letters code for different amino acids. The blue highlighted letters are peptides that in the Skyline document, and the black bolded letters are other peptides in the same protein. Lo and behold, you can align the sequences!

screen shot 2018-04-09 at 12 21 53 pm

Figure 3. Sequence alignment.

Written on April 3, 2018