SRM Assay Day 8

Last day of my samples!

Before I went to Taylor Shellfish in Quilcene today, I checked the mass spectrometer progress around 5 a.m. I noticed that bivalve files 109 (O90) and 114 (O26) had no data, and QC25 still looked weird (similar to QC23 and QC24). I noted this down so I could prepare new samples when I got back from the hatchery. My suspicion is that I changed the vial position for QC25 to Plate 1, A3 after I queued the sample, so the change wasn’t registered.

When I got back from the hatchery, I checked the samples that ran. QC26 and QC27 looked normal, so I know that my QC is running well. I prepared more O26 and O90 and added it to the sample vials. I then added these samples to the bottom of the queue. I added 30 µL of the final acetonitrile solution to a new QC tube, then put that in the vial in Plate 1, A3. This will give us enough QC until QC42.

I stayed at UWPR to give Emma and Laura that mass spectrometer key, and to check that no other sample needed to be reprepared. There were none! My samples will finish early Tuesday morning.

Written on July 17, 2017