Virginica Gonad DNA Extractions Part 14

Sending samples for sequencing

Quotes obtained? Check. PO numbers generated? Check. Sequence submission forms submitted? Check.

Then there’s nothing left to do but send out the samples! I labelled screw top tubes for all samples with enough DNA and RNA yield based on the extraction metadata. Basically, this meant I labelled DNA and RNA tubes for every sample except for sample 57. I used screw top tubes because they’re more secure and I didn’t want any samples spilling! Once tubes were labelled, I grabbed the samples from the -80 ºC and let them equilibrate to room temperature. I centrifuged each sample to ensure all the liquid could easily be pipetted, and transferred it to the appropriate labelled screw top tube. I then put that tube in a labelled ziploc bag, using separate ones for DNA and RNA. I placed the filled ziploc bags with samples at the bottom of a cooler with an insulating lining. I then filled the lining with dry ice so there was ample ice to keep the samples cold. Once the samples were packaged properly, I sent the package to ZymoResearch via FedEx Overnight!

Going forward

  1. Wait for sequencing data!
Written on February 9, 2021