WGBS Analysis Part 7

Further DML annotations

After my practice talk, I returned to annotating DML output because I need some sort of gene information to present at PCSGA. In this Jupyter notebook, I downloaded this blast output, originally hosted at this OWL link. Unlike the previous blast output I tried working with, it’s not truncated. I merged the blast output with my DML-gene overlaps using awk, since I couldn’t get a join command to work. I then tried assigning GOslim terms to GOterms, but I encountered a script error. At this point, it was 10:30 p.m. and I needed to finish my talk, so I’ll return to this before WSN.

Going forward

  2. Present preliminary results at PCSGA
  3. Figure out how to clean up results for WSN and ASLO
  4. Potentially sequence more samples…?
  5. Return to C. virginica data and finish. that. paper.
Written on September 16, 2019