April 2017 Goals

I was so busy catching up on classes I forgot it was April!


March Goals Recap

NSA went well! I’m happy with my poster, and I learned a lot about the field and hashed out some future directions for my projects. It was also really flattering that people thought I was a late-career Ph.D student (I’m not sure if they thought I just looked old or if my work was at that level, but I’d like to think it was the latter). I still haven’t touched either Pubathon paper in a while, nor have I thought about future experiments. But hey, that’s what monthly goals are for, right?

April Goals

This month, I want to focus on my metaanalysis since I was so absorbed in the DNR project last quarter. I also need to think critically about the questions I want to address with the Manchester experiment.

Manchester Project:

  • Shut down OA experimenta and sample oysters: April 8
  • Develop heat shock plan: April 17
  • Develop in-depth spawning plan: April 30
  • Schedule labwork: April 30

Metaanalysis Paper:

  • Formulate question: April 11
  • Analysis plan/methods: April 13
  • Introduction: April 30

DNR Project:

  • Meet with all involved parties to discuss next step in analysis: April 20

DNR Paper:

  • Update methods: April 10
  • Introduction: April 20


  • Committee Ideas: When I met with Steven this week, we decided to think about the committee more in the summer. However, I now think it may be best for me to establish my committee this quarter so I can use my time over the summer to develop my proposal and have my committee provide feedback.
  • Brainstorm members + reasons why: April 10
  • Run ideas by Steven: April 13
  • Contact individuals: April 20
  • PCSGA Abstract: April 13
  • Shellfish Permitting White Paper
  • Readings: April 10
  • Contact experts for interviews: April 10
  • Draft 1: April 14
  • Draft 2: April 21
  • Final Draft: April 28
  • ASLO Science Communication Internship Application: April 28
Written on April 6, 2017