December 2020 Goals


What last-minute panic is better than end-of-the-year panic?! I’ve got 17 days of time in Seattle before heading back to California for a bit of a break, so let’s see if my work expectations will actually meet my reality.

November Goals Recap

Virginica Labwork:

Coral Methylation Comparison:


  • Submitted the NSF PRFB!
  • Finalized ocean acidification and reproduction reivew for friendly reviewers!

December Goals

Virginica Labwork:

  • Extract sperm DNA and RNA
  • Send nucleic acids for library preparation
  • Determine if there are mantle samples I want to extract

ATAC-Seq Labwork:

  • Purchase reagents and identify samples to test cell dissociation protocols
  • Ensure protocol is easy to follow and is accessible for the lab
  • Dissociate and cryopreserve some cells

Gigas Labwork:

  • If there’s some lag time while waiting for ATAC-Seq reagents, test RNA extraction protocol
  • Extract RNA from samples sent for WGBS
  • Send RNA for library preparation and sequencing
  • Identify location of larval samples for potential extractions

Coral Methylation Comparison:

  • Perform contingency tests for genomic location
  • Update methods and results
  • Contribute to the discussion
  • Finalize manuscript for NOAA internal review!
Written on December 1, 2020