Gigas Larvae Day 17

We have a Game Plan

Today I went to Manchester in the morning to feed my remaining larvae. I then spoke with Brent about a way to terminate the experiment that would be useful for a future paper.

I showed him my data, and told him how anecdotally I had more larvae still alive in treatments with at least one parent from ocean acidification conditions. Most interestingly, my Ambient x Ambient larvae were crashing first. We decided that if I count tomorrow and find all but one of my treatment groups has 10,000 larvae or less, that I would just collect everything and finish the experiment. If at least two groups still had more than 10,000 larvae, I could keep them running for an extra day just to see if any differential mortality rates became apparent in two days. My gut feeling is that I won’t have many larvae left tomorrow, especially because I collected 10,000 larvae per treatment yesterday.

Written on August 16, 2017