In Situ Carbonate Chemistry Parameters

CCC: Carbonate Chemistry Calculations

After converting my pH values from mV to actual pH units, I needed to calculate the in situ pH. pH values can change based on the temperature and salinity at the time of measurement, so those variables need to be taken into account.

To calculate in situ pH (amongst other carbonate chemistry parameters), I needed total alkalinity, salinity, and temperature measurements. Therefore, I could only complete these calculations for the days I had TA measurements. I compiled all of the necessary inputs into this .csv file. Hollie shared the code I needed to calculate carbonate chemistry parameters in seacarb, which I modified in this R script. After running seacarb, I got my in situ carbonate chemistry parameters in this .csv file! Because the salinity of Tris buffer was extremely similar to that of my experimental tanks, my pH measurements did not change at all.

Although my JSR manuscript has already been submitted (YAY), Steven recommended that I do some work to bolster the water chemistry section, since that will be scrutinized the most. I now have scripts ready for all carbonate chemistry calculations, so that will be an easy fix. I just need to figure out if we need to run more TA samples.

Written on May 1, 2018