January 2020 Goals


I’m back from vacation and (theoretically) recharged and ready to start working again! I have grand plans for this month.

December Goals Recap:

Virginica Gonad Methylation:

  • SUBMITTED THAT PAPER (while on vacation RIP)!
  • Rejoiced.
  • Prepared metadata for BCO-DMO submission
  • Cleaned up repository and added relevant supplementary material. It still needs a bit of work but it was good enough for submission.

Gigas Gonad Methylation:

  • Did not figure out if more samples should be sequenced or attempt GO-MWU enrichment and DMG analysis…because paper and vacation.


  • Presented at Huxley Environmental Speaker Series! The students were really interested in the nitty-gritty of methylation analysis which was unexpected but nice. It was a good experience for me to figure out what information to include in talks to bulk it up, and what information isn’t as necessary for the story.
  • Wrote questions for the Marine Bio final. I got my evaluations back too and they were positive!
  • Did not finalize sample preparation flowchart for methylation analysis or figure out next steps for C. virginica sperm analysis…because paper and vacation.

January Goals

Gigas Gonad Methylation:

  • Attempt GO-MWU enrichment and DMG analysis to have better data
  • Figure out what additional samples need to be sequenced and how
  • Start putting together preliminary poster for ASLO

Virginica Sperm Methylation:

  • Meet with Katie and Alan to figure out what additional samples I have access to and what methods I should use

** All Mechanism Study**:

  • Figure out what samples I have access to and come up with an extraction and sequencing plan


  • Finalize C. virginica repository and post submitted paper on bioRXiv
  • Get committee reading lists and start studying for quals
Written on January 7, 2020