June 2017 Goals

(Almost) done with Spring Quarter already?!

Can’t believe it’s already June! In keeping with the April and May #MemeThemes, here’s a picture of Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo that properly expresses my reaction to the passage of time.


May Goals Recap

  • Developed a preliminary heat shock plan, but it needs to be revised
  • In-depth spawning plan preparation put on halt because I can’t get in contact with Molly
  • Skyline is tempermental so I don’t have a list of targets yet
  • I wrote an introduction for the DNR paper! It’s rough, but it’s made of real words :smile:
  • Not only do I have an extraction plan, but the extractions are well underway
  • I have the pipeline for my metaanalysis ready to go, but I need either emu or roadrunner to be free so I can start. The days those machines are free are when I’m not, so by the time I’m free, the machines are occupied again. Whoops :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

June Goals

  • Heat shock oysters
  • Have an in-depth spawning plan
  • Get Skyline to function
  • Create a list of targets
  • Finish extractions
  • Finally, FINALLY start that metaanalysis pipeline so it’s no longer a pipe dream

It’s quite a chunk of work, especially considering I’ll be working from California for a week. But I think it’s doable considering the fact that I won’t have any classes!

Written on June 1, 2017