Manchester Day 42

I’m at NSA, to Grace and Olivia went to Manchester.

Today they proved they were listening for the past three weeks when I was at Manchester training them! They’re rockstars. #success

  • Water chemistry sampling: 1L grab samples and bottle samples
  • I had them do the standard curve first after Hollie gave me the same advice
  • Rick’s probe was unavailable, so they used the refractometer to measure salinity in psu instead. I think the refractometer is reading values lower than either probe would because it’s not as precise.
  • There was a communication mix-up over the phone, so they accidentally discarded the original water samples before measuring salninty with the refractometer. I told them to take new samples and measure salinity, since I don’t expect salinity to vary greatly in the tank.
  • Cleaned filters
  • Bleached algal lines

Here’s the data they collected:

3 29 data1 Figure 1. Data collected by Olivia and Grace.

Grace said she didn’t see any of that weird stringy stuff we saw last week in the tanks, so maybe the problem’s solved? Fingers crossed.

Written on March 29, 2017