November 2017 Goals


This might be the first time I actually acheived all of my goals. Either I became super productive this month, learned to set reasonable goals, or just didn’t have many of them……..

October Goals Recap:

  • I removed bad samples from my dataset after trying lots of different methods, and now I have boxplots characterizing protein expression across different sites and habitats I kind of trust! :relaxed:
  • Didn’t make much progress writing since I was mainly troubleshooting my data
  • Submitted a NSF GRFP proposal :tada:
  • Hosted my first committee meeting! Got most of my paperwork signed, and I’m just waiting for final approval on my proposal so I can turn everything in
  • I didn’t make any direct strides to tailoring my WSN presentation, but fixing my analyses is a good start. I also signed up to give a talk at GSS the week before WSN
  • Didn’t even touch anything metaanalysis or Manchester related

November Goals:

  • Turn in all of my milestone paperwork (Notification of Committe Formation, Plan of Study, Thesis Proposal)
  • Present at GSS and WSN
  • Have a complete paper draft by the end of the month! :open_mouth:
    • Week 1 (November 1-November 5)
        • pH, DO, temperature, salinity, growth
        • See if they have primary productivity data, or if I can get that myself
      • Analyses
        • Enhance SRM pipeline
        • Repeat NMDS/ANOSIM with new dataset
        • See if I can pool eelgrass with bare samples
      • Writing
        • Revise SRM methods
    • Week 2 (November 6-November 12)
      • Analyses
        • Use GIS to show that I have a broad spectrum of conditions between my sites
        • Connect protein expression to environmental data
        • Investigate alternative splicing
        • Use individual as a random effect for analyses
      • Writing
        • Revise DIA results
    • Week 3 (November 13-November 19)
      • Analyses
        • ROC curves
        • Create DIA document
      • Writing
        • Write SRM results
        • Outline Discussion
    • Week 4 (November 20-November 26)
      • Writing
        • Write Discussion
        • Outline Introduction
    • Week 5 (November 27-November 30)
      • Writing
        • Write Introduction
        • Revise manuscript

If you’ll excuse me, I need to get started on that massive to-do list.

Written on November 1, 2017