October 2018 Goals


September Goals Recap:


  • I finished addressing reviewer comments! The manuscript is almost finalized for resubmission.


  • I presented my preliminary results at PCSGA!
  • Worked on in compGO and DAVID, but my methods are most likely wrong
  • Didn’t make much headway writing because the gene enrichment stuff was confusing enough

Gigas Broodstock:

October Goals


  • Re-submit. That. Paper.


  • Address minor reviewer comments
  • Address major comments
  • Try using multivariate methods to explore relationship between environmental data and protein expression data
  • Upload proteomics data to online databases
  • Reformat the paper repository

Gigas Broodstock:

  • Finish extracting broodstock DNA
  • Identify sequencing protocol
  • Prepare samples for bisulfite sequencing


  • Rework bismark and methylKit to solidfy analysis parameters
  • Present more solid findings to Eastern oyster methylation project group
  • Update methods and results
  • Fix gene enrichment methods
Written on October 1, 2018