Protein Extractions Round 2, Part 2

More cowbell? More samples.

I started thinking about my next round of protein extractions a few weeks ago, but now I have a better plan. I’m going to focus solely on the first outplant. I also noticed that the second ouptlant Case Inlet organisms had the lowest sample size. There were only five in the bare treatment, and one in the eelgrass treatment. For this reason, using only the first outplant would give me a larger sample size and allow me to understand the differences between all sites and eelgrass conditions.

I’m going to extract proteins in two blocks of 25 samples each:

Table 1. Proteins to extract. The bolded samples are those I will extract in the first block.

Site Condition 1 2 3 4 5
PG B O25 O83 O54 O51 O52
PG E O31 O71 O78 O56 O30
FB B O36 O70 O43 O40 O35
FB E O64 O46 O32 O24 O49
WB B O129 O126 O135 O121 O122
WB E O140 O145 O147 O131 O144
SK B O111 O120 O99 O96 O113
SK E O103 O101 O106 O102 O91
CI B O11 O13 O16 O21 O22
CI E O01 O08 O10 O06 O04
Written on May 19, 2017