June 2019 Goals


Except it’s me trying to prove I can finish a paper before I leave for Friday Harbor while also prepping to TA and finishing assignments for my Evidence-Based Teaching Methods class……………………….

May Goals Recap:

Virginica Gonad Methylation:

Gigas Gonad and Larvae Methylation:

  • Since FROGER couldn’t come to a consensus about DNA methylation methods, I pressed pause on this project.

Virginica Sperm Methylation:

  • See above.


  • Identify three GSR candidates to run by Steven

June Goals

Since I leave for Friday Harbor June 16 to TA Ecology of Infection Marine Diseases, I only have four goals.

Virginica Gonad Methylation:

  • Finish the forking draft paper


  • Meet with Steven to discuss timelines for upcoming chapters and qualfying exams
  • Get a GSR
  • Schedule a committee meeting for when I get back
Written on June 1, 2019