November 2018 Goals


It’s November. Not December. Let’s all eat some pumpkin pie and work on our monthly goals.

October Goals Recap:


  • I resubmitted the paper! :tada:


This is how I spent most of my time.


  • Addressed minor reviewer comments
  • Got information from Micah and Alex about outplant methods
  • Selected multivariate analysis procedure to explore environmental data and reltionship between environmental data and protein abundance data

Gigas Broodstock:

November Goals


  • Upload preprint to bioRXiv
  • Complete multivariate analyses on environmental data and protein abundance data
  • Remake figures
  • Finish manuscript revisions
  • Upload all supplementary materials to the appropriate databases
  • Organize paper repository
  • Resubmit to MEPS


  • Finish bismark alignment on Mox
  • Run methylKit and bedtools on alignments from Mox
  • Figure out closest for flanking analysis
  • Figure out gene enrichment methods

Gigas Broodstock:

  • Identify kits for MBD-BSseq
  • Submit samples for sequencing


  • Run my second committee meeting!
  • Draft my PhD proposal
  • Consolidate all other requirements for bypassing
Written on November 1, 2018