February 2018 Goals

Tryna make the most out of this short month

January Goals Recap:

  • Successfully turned in a draft of my proteomics paper! I got some feedback form Emma, Brent and Steven
  • I’m almost done with my C. virginica MBD-Seq. I sheared DNA, prepared reagents for labwork, bound DNA to the beads, and started the ethanol precipitation.
  • Sam said that I’ll have to wait a few months to get sequencing data back, so I didn’t focus too much on a plan for C. virginica post-sequencing.
  • It also means I probably won’t have C. gigas MBD-Seq data for NSA, so I’ll just focus on the reproductive physiology.
  • Speaking of which…I finished the C. gigas histology analyses!
  • I have (another) plan for the metaanalysis so I can work on something while I wait for sequencing data. I’m going to read and write my introduction first, then see if there’s any data to analyze
  • It wasn’t an explicit goal, but I made my lab notebook more user friendly with tags and comments!

February Goals:


  • Get the DNR paper ready for submission
    • Address edits from Emma, Steven and Brent
    • Remake figures!
    • Send for another one-two rounds of feedback
  • Compile a corresponding DNR paper repository


  • Assess statistical significance of differences in gonad histology, reproductive output, fertilization rates and larvae produced
  • Analyze larval mortality data
  • Start C. gigas RNA-Seq and MBD-Seq protocols


  • Finish C. virginica MBD-Seq protocol


  • Read relevant papers
  • Draft metaanalysis introduction


Written on February 1, 2018